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Expectations of Parents as Co-Teachers

Expectations of Parents at Family School are to commit to the philosophy of Family School as a true partnership between the families and the school to educate your child(ren). At the beginning of each school year, parents and students must sign a contract that outlines, in part:

  1. The home school parent responsible for the majority of the teaching is required to attend the monthly parent-teacher meetings.
    • Parents must provide a certain level of home school instruction, depending on the grade level and program (80% vs. 50%) of the student, and document it through a log to be turned in to the teacher on a regular basis
    • In the younger grades the log is maintained by the parents, but in the older grades, the expectation is for the student to maintain the log.
    • The home school instruction is predominantly work generated by the classroom teacher but allows for the parent to individualize the lesson for the child at home.
  2. Some projects may allow for more input and design by the parent.
  3. Parents must provide or arrange for transportation of your student(s) to and from school at the designated drop-off and pick-up times, depending on your student's schedule.
  4. Some voluntary time may be expended by:
    • Helping in the classroom
    • Going to the classroom to watch presentations by students
    • Attending training sessions/workshops to assist you in co-teaching
    • Helping with FTO projects
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